Machining Centres

Doosan VC630/5Axis Heidenhain - Max size 800x500
Doosan DNM650 with 4th Axis Heidenhain - Max size 1200x650
Doosan DNM650 with 4th Axis Fanuc - Max size 1200x650
XYZ710 Siemans 810D with 4th Axis - Max size 700x500

Turning Machines

Doosan Puma2600M Live tooling - Max size Ø376x760
Doosan Puma3100LM Live tooling - Maz size Ø420x1280
Doosan V850 Turning Center - Max size Ø850x500
Swedturn 12 (2 Off) - Max size Ø500x1350
Swedturn 10 - Max size Ø450x1000
Mazak Nexus - Max size Ø300x450
Webster Bennett 48” - Max size Ø1200x450

We can Produce Keyways up to 50mm Width and offer full dimension reports on our CMM


CNC Machining

5 Axis milling capabilities, turning with live tooling

Quality Control

CMM measurement. ISO9001 accredited

Engineering expertise

Our team of experienced engineers offer V.A.V.E solutions to helping cost savings

Roberttown Ironworks, Roberttown Ln, Liversedge WF15 7LQ, UK

01924 402820

01924 411350

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