Machining Centres

Doosan VC630/5Axis Heidenhain - Max size 800x500
Doosan DNM650 with 4th Axis Heidenhain - Max size 1200x650
Doosan DNM650 with 4th Axis Fanuc - Max size 1200x650
XYZ710 Siemans 810D with 4th Axis - Max size 700x500

Turning Machines

Doosan Puma2600M Live tooling - Max size Ø376x760
Doosan Puma3100LM Live tooling - Maz size Ø420x1280
Doosan V850 Turning Center - Max size Ø850x500
Swedturn 12 (2 Off) - Max size Ø500x1350
Swedturn 10 - Max size Ø450x1000
Mazak Nexus - Max size Ø300x450
Webster Bennett 48” - Max size Ø1200x450

We can Produce Keyways up to 50mm Width and offer full dimension reports on our CMM


CNC Machining

5 Axis milling capabilities, turning with live tooling

Quality Control

CMM measurement. ISO9001 accredited

Engineering expertise

Our team of experienced engineers offer V.A.V.E solutions to helping cost savings